Monday, January 10, 2011

Flower # 5 - Bonnie's Flower

Of course Bonnie's flower would have to be difficult. I was being so careful with the thread because it was thread that was discontinued and Bonnie had loaned it to me to use for contrast on the the Reticule Purse (another complicated thing for me full of split chains). I decided I liked the stained glass look of Riet's, so wanted to use these colors with the black centers. After I finished the 1st flower I finally realized that it was size 10 thread instead of 20 so I pulled it all out. Then I found a similar color and started over.

It doesn't go together as easy as it looks when you aren't doing it random but it a pattern.

Anyway, got it wrong and pulled out what I had. Then on #3 try I put it in the wrong spot! Bo, my brother-in-law in Florida said to "just deal with it", so I am. I will have to adjust the pattern and do stain glass ones on the other side to compliment it. I tatted this one while Kathy and I were visiting my sister Lynn and hubby Bo in Orlando, Florida at Christmas. We went on a peacock hunt, which is a long story so I will have to make a peacock blue flower for Lynn.

It seems that when Bonnie and I get together any simple project like a Tat Across Time piece, or a lesson plan, or a book gets complicated. The good thing is that we laugh and have a good time far more than we tat and stress out over it!