Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My newest project - a ladybug aka doodlebug of course

I have been making ladybugs for over 17 years now because we started calling our grandchildren doodlebugs and using the ladybugs as their symbol.  Now we have 6 doodlebugs.  I have made many patterns but my simple standby in all sizes is from Ross Butler's inspiration.  He was 17 at the time and taught me the "dead spider" split ring.  I added complicated black dots because it is just in me to try to imitate nature.  Anyway, long story long, I have gone back this week to adding black beads and a string to make them faster and to make them for the SC State Fair.  These I can make quickly.  The only problem is that they seem to fly away instead of going into the State Fair bucket!

Here is my finished product:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flower # 5 - Bonnie's Flower

Of course Bonnie's flower would have to be difficult. I was being so careful with the thread because it was thread that was discontinued and Bonnie had loaned it to me to use for contrast on the the Reticule Purse (another complicated thing for me full of split chains). I decided I liked the stained glass look of Riet's, so wanted to use these colors with the black centers. After I finished the 1st flower I finally realized that it was size 10 thread instead of 20 so I pulled it all out. Then I found a similar color and started over.

It doesn't go together as easy as it looks when you aren't doing it random but it a pattern.

Anyway, got it wrong and pulled out what I had. Then on #3 try I put it in the wrong spot! Bo, my brother-in-law in Florida said to "just deal with it", so I am. I will have to adjust the pattern and do stain glass ones on the other side to compliment it. I tatted this one while Kathy and I were visiting my sister Lynn and hubby Bo in Orlando, Florida at Christmas. We went on a peacock hunt, which is a long story so I will have to make a peacock blue flower for Lynn.

It seems that when Bonnie and I get together any simple project like a Tat Across Time piece, or a lesson plan, or a book pattern........it gets complicated. The good thing is that we laugh and have a good time far more than we tat and stress out over it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flower # 4 Riet's flower

While Riet was visiting again this year from The Netherlands, she was playing with the hand dyed thread of yarnplayer (Marilee Rockley) that is called "Garden Afternoon" and she was making the stained glass jewelry from Marilee's new book. Riet gifted me with a skein of the yarn which I just had to add to my Garden of Friends. I played awhile with using just the thread but it really needed the black accent to make it stand out. I used the purple cent to keep a little continuity with the other flower colors but really think that an all black flower in the center would have looked good too. It is really fun to play with the colors to see how they look. I was just looking at how Martha Esses pattern is doing. She is doing hers like Karey just adding one small flower at a time. Her colors really catch my eye...just like different colors of flowers in a flower garden might do. hummmmmmm

Friday, October 22, 2010

Flower #3- The Thornwell Ladies' flower

As I continued working on the flowers, Jerry and I got to go up near Lake Jochasee for the weekend with the Thornwell folks. We always have such a good time with them....and work together a lot. Anyway, these ladies as so special to me and know about my love of tatting. As the weekend went on they would comment about my progress on the 3rd block. They always appreciate the tatting that I show and share with them. Anyway, as I was reflecting on many things while in the mountains I wrote in my Gratitude Journal how grateful I am for my friends. As I was thinking about the uniqueness of each person, it reminded me of the flower circles of color that make up each of these blocks and thus as I continue the blocks I am going to keeping adding some special blocks. I already have thread for the next 2 blocks- Riet's stained glass flowers and Bonnie's special discontinued thread.

Flower #2- Sue Hanson's flower

My 2nd flower is Sue Hanson' flower. When Sue visited here I not only used her thread but used her shuttle as well. It was one of her special decorated ones with the Indian jewels on it. The thread is a variegated Elizabeth size 20 of course and the colors change from royal blue to purple to white and then to turquoise. I put her flower with 6 others and surrounded themy with gold Elizabeth thread to complete the "block".

Flower #1- Karey Solomon's flower

This started with Karey Solomon's idea in Tatting Times August 2010. Karey has a pattern from using up thread off of shuttles. Her Granmother Garden Tablerunner-tablecloth-bedspread is all little flowers of compatible colors fused together. The instant I saw it I thought about my Grandma's Flower Garden quilt pattern . I wanted mine to look more like that so I used a gold color to go around the flower. This flower started with Karey's hand dyed size 20 thread. It is varigated purple, blue and green. I surrounded her little flower with 6 others then surrounded the whole circle with gold Elizabeth size 20.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Turtle Earrings

Since I worked all day one day last week boiling china berries to send to the Southern Belles in Tennessee, I thought I would post here one of my china berry projects....my little China Berry Turtles. I was yet again at a loss for things to enter in the SC State Fair because I seem to give away everything I tat in the course of a year, so I entered this little project under jewelry. I have already had a peek at what Bonnie G and Pam Esberg have done and their stuff is over the top, so mine is just slow as a turtle.....that fits me.