Monday, June 26, 2017

Flower # 7 - Grace Lown

Flower # 7 - Grace Lown [Bottom Right]

Grace is my special friend.
We have been friends for over 40 years.
After I moved to Lexington and moved my membership from Congaree Presbyterian Church in Cayce to Lexington Presbyterian Church, I began meeting women in the church.  Because I worked 8 hour rotating shifts, I would visit the different circles.  I met Grace in the morning circle and drew her name at Christmas so for a whole year I was her "Secret Sister" and trying to do little things for her without her knowing who I was.  After it was revealed the next December, I had found out that Grace lived very close by and stayed at home to care for her husband.  I began visiting her at least once a month to just talk and do crafts.  In 1994 I was promoted to a nice day job and Grace felt she wouldn't see me any more.  She mentioned that she loved to play Scrabble. So, we began playing Scrabble once a week and have continued through thick and thin unless we are out of town or Grace is really, really sick.  When she was in Still Hopes we even had a Bible Study there.  When she was in Lexington Agape, we sat up the Scrabble board several times and played.

She has truly "graced" me through many years.

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