Friday, October 22, 2010

Flower #1- Karey Solomon's flower

Flower #1- Karey Solomon's flower [Bottom Left]

This started with Karey Solomon's idea in Tatting Times August 2010. Karey has a pattern from using up thread off of shuttles. Her Grandmother's Flower Garden tablerunner-tablecloth-bedspread is all little flowers of compatible colors fused together.    

The instant I saw it I thought about my Grandma's Flower Garden quilt pattern . I wanted mine to look more like that so I used a gold color to go around the flower. This flower started with Karey's hand dyed size 20 thread. It is variegated purple, blue and green. I surrounded her little flower with 6 others then surrounded the whole circle with gold Elizabeth size 20.

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  1. Hello Pam, I was stumbling through tatting stuff on the net and recognized this pattern and your name! I was at the Palmetto Tatters workshop the year this pattern was taught and was in the class. I just put out my 2nd tatting book. Check me out at: and my blog at:
    Palmetto was the impetus for me to write all my SRT design books! When I got home from the first workshop I taught/attended I realized that I had alot of SR designs. I started designing more and it just went crazy from there. Karen Bovard, The ShuttleSmith, Omaha, Nebraska