Friday, October 22, 2010

Flower #3- The Thornwell Ladies' flower

Flower # 3 - The Thornwell Ladies [Middle Right]

There is a special group of ladies I call the Thornwell Ladies.  They are ladies who grew up at Thornwell Orphanage in Clinton, SC.  They have always stayed connected through the years with letters, phone calls and going back for Grand Rallies.  They make an effort to get together for good times and then they are there for the other times as well.  I have enjoyed meeting frequently with them to work on the Thornwell Alumni Association database.  We have spend many hours trying to locate alumni and working on putting the next Grand Rally together.  


They have also listened tirelessly about my tatting projects.  One special piece was a scarf with tatted medallions around the edges.  It belonged to Professor Pinson and his wife.  I shaped the scarf into a fan and framed the piece in a frame made by Mr.  Willard who taught Shop at TO.  We hung it in the Mayes-Dowdle Alumni House. I replicated the "Fessor Pinson Medallion" for each of these ladies.


  1. What a great idea for a runner and it is so pretty, love the colours that you are using!

  2. That is going to be totally awesome when finished! :)

  3. This is a great idea and looks wonderful so far!

    Am I correct that you have to cut and tie each flower, including each yellow one? And, of course you have to pay attention to all the joins! I'm wondering how much thread is required for each flower.

    It certainly will be spectacular!