Monday, October 11, 2010

Turtle Earrings

Since I worked all day one day last week boiling china berries to send to the Southern Belles in Tennessee, I thought I would post here one of my china berry little China Berry Turtles. I was yet again at a loss for things to enter in the SC State Fair because I seem to give away everything I tat in the course of a year, so I entered this little project under jewelry. I have already had a peek at what Bonnie G and Pam Esberg have done and their stuff is over the top, so mine is just slow as a turtle.....that fits me.


  1. Hi Pam,
    Nice to see your turtles and your other tatting entries are also verry good, I saw them. You can be proud of your grandson who want to go on with tatting and entered a project. I was thinking, next year we can do a workshop with him and his friends, can't we ?

  2. China berries - I haven't heard of those, I thought you had used beads for the turtles! They're very cute.

  3. Turtles are too cute! What are china berries?

  4. I looked up "chinaberry" on Wikipedia - it was an interesting article! They aren't native to the US, but are sold as ornamentals (although in some areas they are considered an invasive species). Many types of birds love the fruit.

    What does boiling do for them? Do you boil fruit and all, or just the stone in the middle?

    Wonderful use of natural, available material in such an artistic way! Rock on, Pam!

  5. You have to boil them to get rid of all the rotten fruit that surrounds them. They aren't edible. When I get them (as I beg folks usually for them), I let them sit and rot sometimes but that still doesn't get rid of the junk. The shape of the berry is so pretty but Jerry still has to drill a hole through the center. I always seem to have to get help with all my brainy ideas.